Handcrafted Luxury Lighting

refined and luxurious to behold



Materials that surprise.
Fixtures that fascinate.
Designs that transcend time.
That is the art of Fuse Lighting.

Born from the mind of designer Kevin Kolanowski, Fuse Lighting
is renown for capturing attention in inexplicable ways.

Widely regarded as "jewelry for the home," each fixture captures Kevin's flair for the atypical and clarity of design. Customers are repeatedly delighted by the use of unexpected materials such as stingray; hand-stitched leather; signature hand-strung shells, minerals or semi-precious gems; hand-blown glass; and hand-carved woods. The result is truly transitional work. An artisan labor of love. The epitome of modern glamour.

Lit From Within
the beauty of imperfection

See our artisans at work  HERE

Fuse Lighting is handcrafted entirely in California. Local craftsmanship is key to maintaining the authenticy, integrity and unparalleled quality of our designs.

One Of A Kind
custom creations

Lighting is personal. While we take pride in our vision, we encourage clients to mold it to their liking. Our renowned custom capabilities are virtually limitless.

Kevin Kolanowski

I design lighting that people will notice.

Before Kevin Kolanowski started Fuse Lighting in 2000, there was no middle ground between traditional and modern lighting. Driven by his desire to marry the two, he spent years studying the interaction of light and texture with unusual materials. He now creates amazing works of light that continue to surprise and delight both himself and his clients.